témoignage de Derek au stage MDS 2013

Témoignage de Derek Stewart (Ecosse)

témoignage de Derek au stage MDS 2013  - Témoignage

Just a short note to say thank you for your wonderful organisation of last weekend.


Can you please pass this onto Laurence & Damien who were fantastic.  I learned a lot from them both, including some French!  They pushed us hard but within limits.


Unfortunately I didn’t bring a USB as the newsletters were in French and I didn’t have the ability to translate.  Can you pass my email address to Damien as he is going to send me some photos or at least give me a link to download them.


I’m looking forward to seeing Laurence in the desert and getting my tent (the “tartan army”) to sing “Flower of Scotland” to her – she’ll explain it to you!


Thanks again.


All the best.



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